ModelAnt 2.17.2 is published

ModelAnt version 2.17.2 is published. The documentation of the ANT tasks, types and macros of ModelAnt is published in antdoc. The documentation of the java implementation code is published in api. The new version provides:

  • useful extensions of the macros and atasks syntax to ease the nesting of iterations – added iterator property to <for>, <exists>, <for.each> macros
  • Ant macros to process a model built from a reverse engineered java code (i.e. Platform Specific Model – PSM) and abstract the methods and fields as attributes and associations, this way closing it to a Platform Independent Model (PIM)
  • An example to reverse engineer the project Crazy Beans Java project and increasing its abstraction level using the macros above.

NOTE: ModelAnt 2.17.1 is compatible with ANT 1.7.1 and it is not compatible with ANT 1.8.x because of colliding implementations of task.

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