Reverse engineer a set of java files by representing in the result UML 1.3 model the classes, attributes and methods in the java classes in-scope. The model represents the structure of the code and does NOT represent its behavior.

      < output.file="${out}/" target.classpathref="classpath">
        <packageset dir="util/src/java" defaultexcludes="yes">
          <include name="**" />

        <packageset dir="mdr/src/java" defaultexcludes="yes">
          <include name="**" />



Attribute Description
output.file The name of the result XMI file to create
target.classpathref The REF to the (class)path where the libraries of the of the code to reverse engineer are
maxmemory The memory for the rev.eng. process. See javadoc task

Nested elements

Element Description
nested This optional, implicit element holds any element as of javadoc ANT task.

Use <typedef resource="net/mdatools/modelant/uml13/reverse/antlib.xml"/>
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