This get task allows navigation through the UML 1.3 specific associations that are unidirectional in the UML 1.3 meta-model, but are useful in the opposite direction. Supported paths This task and its subclasses could be used also as a selector in iterator, select, search, etc, tasks as it inherits from the general GetTask

Implementation class



Attribute Description Type
mofId The mofId to lookup object for. If provided, then the path and property attributes will not be used. Then this task retrieves the meta/model object by this MOF ID, no matter of which extent the object is in. String
name The name of the property where to store the result String
path The navigation path in the format: {asssociationName.}(attributeName|asssociationName) String
property The name of the property that holds the object to start navigation from String

Use <typedef resource="net/mdatools/modelant/uml13/wrap/antlib.xml"/>
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