Architecture Tiers of ModelAnt

Architecture tiers of ModelAntThis diagram represents the architecture of ModelAnt in terms of modules, dependencies and externally provided components:

  • the rectangles in red show the modules of ModelAnt;
  • the rectangles in green show the external products that ModelAnt integrates;
  • shown are the usage dependencies between the modules;
  • the composition represents modules that integrate a corresponding external component;
  • each generalizations represents a fact that a module extends / adds features to another module or implements its interfaces, this way specialing it.


  1. ANT refers Apache Ant 1.7.1 or earlier version
  2. MDR refers the NetBeans MetaData Repostory (MDR)
  3. JMI refers Java Metadata Interface 1.0 (JSR 40)
  4. UML 1.3 API is generated and implemented by MDR according to the published UML specification of UML 1.3 by OMG

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