for task

The ModelAnt’s util package provides for task iterates over a collection of objects, provided as a nested selector (like ANT standard <fileset>), and executes the nested tasks in a new separate (local) environment, binding in it the current object to process into a local property. The execution of each iteration in a single environment isolates the changes they make. The name to bind the current object is provided in iterator attribute (default: this).

See the documentation of for task.

For example, when run in  modelant/util/test/xml directory, this fragment:

  <fileset dir=".">
    <include name="*.xml"/>


produces the output:

[echo] test-dynamic.xml
[echo] test-eval.xml
[echo] test-exists.xml
[echo] test-filter.xml
[echo] test-if.xml
[echo] test-list.xml
[echo] test-local.xml
[echo] test-method.xml
[echo] test-search.xml
[echo] test-select.xml

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