ModelAnt 2.20

  • Replaced modelPathSelector with ref.get task to be used in select, search, for tasks and exists condition
  • Replaced propertyAsListSelector with propertySelector, actually propertySelector could be skipped effectively – a shortcut provided
  • Replaced listPropertySelector with propertySelector
  • Extracted net/mdatools/modelant/utils/datatypes.xml library fromĀ  net/mdatools/modelant/utils/antlib.xml in order to hold the macros to support the derived data types
  • Unified for and iteration tasks and conditions
  • Replaced iterate task with for. Now for becomes a task, instead of macro. Now the general syntax allows iteration over ModelAnt collections and a standard ANT resources collection. Migration procedure:
    • textually replace <iterate> with <for><tasks>,
    • textually replace </iterate> with </tasks></for>
    • replace the constructions <for><selector>..</selector><condition>..</condition> with <for><select> .. nested selector.. </select> .. nested condition </for>
    • remove the <selector> tags in <for>
  • Improved the AntDoc feature to list all compatible tasks and types that are allowed to be nested in other tasks. This makes the documentation describe explicitly all possible compositions of ModelAnt tasks

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