Code Conventions

Java Code Conventions

[CC1] For each language supported (i.e. metamodel), there are:

  • Maven project with artifact ID: modelant.<language name>.metamodel
    • The Maven project consists of the package: net.mdatools.modelant.<language name>.metamodel
    • The package contains:
      • Model factory, named: <language>ModelFactory, extending BaseModelFactory
      • Operation to print any elements of models in that language (metamodel), named: Print<language>ModelElement
      • Operation to compare models in that language, named: Compare<language>Models

[CC2] Functions and Operations naming convention: <Verb>[<adjective><direct object>]

[CC3] Selectors naming convention: Select[<adjective>]<direct object> as a special case of Function

Use until more precise is defined.

Documentation Conventions

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