Default Model Repository

The mdoelant (default) Model Repository is provided in this modelant.repository.impl .jar. Use it with:


Implement a Model Repository

In order to integrate in modelant, any Model Repository should implement the Repository Service Provider Interface (SPI) as follows:

  • Implement net.mdatools.modelant.repository.spi.ModelRepositorySetup intterface, where:
    • its initialize(File workDir) method initializes the repository to hold its temporary files (if any) in the working directory provided;
    • its loadMetamodel() methods could return instances of net.mdatools.modelant.repository.spi.BaseModelFactory, which alreday provides means for integration using the ModelRepository API
  • As of [A4], use the java Services framework to provide the implementation class name of the Repository by storing the class name in implementation jar’s file:

The default modelant repository provides loadMetamodel() that searches for implementations of net.mdatools.modelant.repository.api.ModelFactory through the java Services framework. Thus, each modelant metamodels implementation provides a subclass of net.mdatools.modelant.repository.spi.BaseModelFactory, by implementing only the two abstract methods:

  • getMetamodelPath() to retrurn the physical location of the MOF 1.4 file with the metamodel to load, so that this ModelFactory produces instances (models) of;
  • getModelPackageName() to return the name of the outer-most MOF 1.4 package, holding all other MOF packages of the metamodel it represents. This package becomes the repostory extent the metamodel is loaded in.

This way the implementation of a metamodel is separated from the implementation of the JMI repository, but a new implementation of the Reposotory would require re-implementing the metamodel lookup mechanism.

Example Implementations

The provided implementations of MOF 1.4, UML 1.3 and UML 1.4 metamodels just subclass BaseModelFactory. See: