Library net/mdatools/modelant/repository/antlib.xml

Tasks, types and macros of ModelAnt wrapping the original MDRANT task by Sun. This library provides an unified intreface to the MetaData Repository (MDR)

<typedef resource="net/mdatools/modelant/repository/antlib.xml"/>
Tasks and Macros Description
mdr Initializes the MetaData Repository to work in. Creates the JMI API packages for a metamodel, creates corresponding JARs, generates JAVADOC and zips it. Use it to establish new metamodels like UML 1.3, UML 1.4, CWM,...
mdr.delete Destroy the named extent
mdr.instantiate Creates a new MOF extent in the MetaData Repository or instantiates a metamodel package, this way creating a repository for models that are instances of its. When the extent and package names are empty, a MOF extent will be created, otherwise both must be not empty in order to create a model repository. Creates metamodel API (JMI mapping) as of source files.
mdr.print.extent.names Simply prints the names of all extents in the repository Reads a metamodel in into a MOF extent or reads a model into a model repository. Both metamodel and model should be in XMI format.
mdr.write.xmi Exports the contents of an extent as a metamodel or exports the contents of a model repository as a model. Both exports are in XMI 1.2 format.

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