Reverse engineer Ant script and library files, in terms of defined tasks, macros, types and targets. Represent them as classes, attributes and generaliizations in a UML 1.3 model. This class implements reverse engineering logic for Ant Antlib definitions of types, tasks and macros with the goal to register and document them together with any comments bound to them
Conventions for the model produced:
  1. The comments before the type/task/macro def statement are adopted as comments of the defined object
  2. The comments before the attribute/element definition are adopted as documentation of the
  3. Any explicit descriptions are added after any explicit comments
  4. The typdef/taskdef/macrodef way of defining the result class are set as its stereotype
  5. The implementation class of typdef/taskdef is represented as a superclass of the defined model element
  6. Any default values are set as default attribute values
  7. Each script reverse engineered is represented as a package, following the file path to it, whereas the file name, without the extension, is stored as package name
  8. For each script reverse engineered, the corresponding package contains its name assigned as a tagged value with tag = ''
This task requires the UML 1.3 Core wrappers are in classpath and the corresponding UML 1.3 factory is registered
The class is not thread safe

Implementation class



Attribute Description Type
input The optional name of a model XMI file where to add the results of the reverse engineering as newly created classes. If this file holds the reverse engineered JAVA tasks, as a result or task, this would allow the generation of more detailed documentation. File
output The name of the file where to export the result model XMI file File
work The directory where to store the work/temp files File

Nested elements

Element Description
A list of filesets defining the antlib.xml files to reverse engineer Choose among:

Use <typedef resource="net/mdatools/modelant/uml13/reverse/antlib.xml"/>
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