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Tasks, types and macros of ModelAnt UML 1.3 Wrapper.
The UML 1.3 core wrappers provide the common complex logic as a middle tier between the model itself and the user code.

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<typedef resource="uml13/meta.xml"/>
Tasks and Macros Description This task caches some of the model associations in order to provide fast navigation, not supported by the metamodel. Use it when starting intensive read processng of the model, not needed when creatng a new model. This method notifies the UML 1.3 factory to cache the associations that are not supported by the UML 1.3 metamodel and this way speed up the processing of the UML 1.3 models.
uml13.get This get task allows navigation through the UML 1.3 specific associations that are unidirectional in the UML 1.3 meta-model, but are useful in the opposite direction. Supported paths
  • tag = the tag values associated to the model element
  • stereotype = the stereotype assigned to the model element
  • associationEnd = the collection of association ends associated to the model element. Valid only for Classifier instances.
This task and its subclasses could be used also as a selector in iterator, select, search, etc, tasks as it inherits from the general GetTask
uml13.wrap.register.factory Regsiters a factory of UML 1.3 model wrapper objects. They add more features to the JMI standard API for model access.
Register this factory before using model wrapper objects.
uml13.wrap.unregister.factory Unregsiters a factory of UML 1.3 model wrapper objects and releases all wrappers it allocates.

Conditions Description
uml13.issubclass A condition to check if a model class is a subclass of another model class This condition checks if a model class, specified in the 'property' attribute is a subclass of another one.

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