Library uml14/meta.xml

Holds the metamodel, tasks, types and macro definitions of UML 1.4 Usage: this allows usage wihout any namespace
Tasks and Macros Description This macro warps up the known rules for UML13 models comparison
uml14.instantiate This macro reads the UML 1.4 model into an extent with the name provided, using the metamodel extent. Pre-condition: <uml14.load.metamodel metamodel.extent="@{metamodel.extent}"/>
uml14.load.metamodel This macro reads the UML 1.4 metamodel in an extent with the name provided. Pre-condition: ModelAnt is initialized - see <mdr/> task
uml14.print This macro prints an UML 1.3 model element in a context that allows identifying it. The print format is as of the regular but compressed and shorened as much as possible.

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