MDA Tools presents ModelAnt tool and collects ideas for model-driven approaches and techniques in the software development process.

Who are we?

So far this is the site of Rusi Popov. I hope soon more people, interested and skilled in model-drven technologies and software process, will take participation.

Rusi Popov:

  • is a System Architect in i:FAO Bulgaria EOOD, owned by i:FAO AG
  • has 20+ years of professional experience as a software developer
  • has 14+ years of practice with applying software development process, methodology, modeling and generation of artifacts out of models

Our goals are

  • Publish, support, and extend a common, open-source in terms of Open Source Initiative (OSI), platform of easy to comprehend and use tools, leveraging the ideas and complying to the standards of Model-Driven Architecture (MDA)
  • Make that platform wide accepted base for future commercial and non-commercial products in MDA
  • Publish and share experience in applying Model-Driven Software Development (MDSD) in enterprise technologies and scales
  • Assist in popularizing the modeling practices in the software development process
  • Assist in establishing practices and creating tools that raise the level of abstraction and increase the productivity of the software development process.

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