ModelAnt 2.20 Published

  • Replaced modelPathSelector with ref.get task to be used in select, search, for tasks and exists condition
  • Replaced propertyAsListSelector with propertySelector, actually propertySelector could be skipped effectively – a shortcut provided
  • Replaced listPropertySelector with propertySelector
  • Extracted net/mdatools/modelant/utils/datatypes.xml library to hold the derived data type support macros fromĀ  net/mdatools/modelant/utils/antlib.xml
  • Unified for and iteration tasks and condition
  • Replaced iterate task with for. Now for becomes a task, instead of macro. Now the general syntax allows iteration over ModelAnt collections and a standard ANT resources collection. Migration procedure:
    • textually replace <iterate> with <for><tasks>,
    • textually replace </iterate> with </tasks></for>
    • replace the constructions <for><selector>..</selector><condition>..</condition> with <for><select> .. nested selector.. </select> .. nested condition </for>
    • remove the <selector> tags in <for>

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