Agile Truth

I start a series of posts to present my own experience with Agile Software Development in the last 19 years. Shared will be good, not so good and bad experience, and most probably controversial statements and comments. It is too bold to name the series “Truth about Agile”, therefore I called it “Agile Truth” to reflect:

  • the present tendency to tag anything “Agile” in order to make it attractive and at the end sell it expensively;
  • the presence of too many different opinions and theories in the world of Agile software development. This indicates that there is no single and common understanding of it, thus truth of it;
  • the existing anxiety to change faster and faster, optimizing in small and changing the opinions on what The Truth is today and claiming another is The Truth tomorrow, still calling it “Agile”.

These posts will reflect my notes, memories and observations. Here I try to elicit the good and bad practices and help the practitioners establish practical, working and effective processes.

Let’s start.