Agile Truth

I start a series of posts to present my own experience with Agile Software Development in the last 19 years. Shared will be good, not so good and bad experience, and most probably controversial statements and comments. It is too bold to name the series “Truth about Agile”, therefore I called it “Agile Truth” to reflect:

  • the present tendency to tag anything “Agile” in order to make it attractive and at the end sell it expensively;
  • the presence of too many different opinions and theories in the world of Agile software development. This indicates that there is no single and common understanding of it, thus truth of it;
  • the existing anxiety to change faster and faster, optimizing in small and changing the opinions on what The Truth is today and claiming another is The Truth tomorrow, still calling it “Agile”.

These posts will reflect my notes, memories and observations. Here I try to elicit the good and bad practices and help the practitioners establish practical, working and effective processes.

Let’s start.

modelan 3.3.0 published on Maven Central

MDA Tools migrated modelant 3.3.0 to Apache Maven. For instance:

  • used Maven to build modelant;
  • used Maven to distribute modelant through Maven Central;
  • modelant publishes Maven integration plugins.

As a result of this migration, lookup the components of modelant 3.3.0 using:

group ID: net.mdatools

artifact ID: modelant{.<component>}.

The site publishes theĀ uniform documentation of modelant 3.3.0.

MDA Tools did not migrate the code generation features of modelant 2.25 to 3.3.0, because of some changes in the template syntax and the internal reorganization. Therefore, the migration of the code generation feature will be completed in modelant 3.4.0.

ModelAnt 2.20 Published

  • Replaced modelPathSelector with ref.get task to be used in select, search, for tasks and exists condition
  • Replaced propertyAsListSelector with propertySelector, actually propertySelector could be skipped effectively – a shortcut provided
  • Replaced listPropertySelector with propertySelector
  • Extracted net/mdatools/modelant/utils/datatypes.xml library to hold the derived data type support macros fromĀ  net/mdatools/modelant/utils/antlib.xml
  • Unified for and iteration tasks and condition
  • Replaced iterate task with for. Now for becomes a task, instead of macro. Now the general syntax allows iteration over ModelAnt collections and a standard ANT resources collection. Migration procedure:
    • textually replace <iterate> with <for><tasks>,
    • textually replace </iterate> with </tasks></for>
    • replace the constructions <for><selector>..</selector><condition>..</condition> with <for><select> .. nested selector.. </select> .. nested condition </for>
    • remove the <selector> tags in <for>