ModelAnt 2.18.2

  • Added map.put and map.get tasks in the util package to support model transformation and mapping.
  • Fixed not to use an obsolete task. Changed CopyInMetamodel to allow post-processing of the pairs of corresponding elements.
  • Fixed printing of Structure values. Fixed AntLib reverse engineering.
  • Added in a procedure to set up a new metamodel in the current product and generate the wrapper classes in a new component. The procedure uses modelant-pro to generate the wrapper classes.
  • Added assertion (ant testing) macros in util/assert.xml. Added tasks for LISTs creation, this way allowing Ant to manage (create, add, remove) lists of objects.
  • Internally reorganized the tasks as java classes in CORE package.
  • Completed the tasks to allow accessing/managing any Java objects as properties values
    • Moved MethodCall helper class from Core to Util package.
    • Added <method> method call task
    • Added <method.static> static method call task
    • Added <method> condition


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