ModelAnt 2.19

  • Fixed not to use an obsolete task. Changed CopyInMetamodel to allow post-processing of the pairs of corresponding elements.
  • Fixed printing of MOF Structure values. Fixed AntLib reverse engineering.
  • Added in a procedure to set up a new metamodel in the current product and generate the wrapper classes in a new component. The procedure uses modelant-pro to generate the wrapper classes.
  • Added assertions (ANT testing) macros in assert.xml.
  • Added tasks for LISTs creation, this way allowing Ant to manage (create, add, remove) lists of objects
  • Internally reorganized the tasks as java classes in CORE package.
  • Moved MethodCall helper class from core to util package.
  • Added a static method call task, this way completing the Java access tasks.
  • Added <method> and <method.static> method call tasks, this way allowing to manage any Java object. Added <method> condition.
  • Extended to provide .dir property with the directory where the antlib file was located in or the .jar file that contained the antlib was located in.
  • Introduced <evaluate> task that allows evaluating any ANT conditions multiple times in the context of the result of execution of the tasks provided. Suitable for evaluating condition in loops. NOTE that ANT does not allow such a dynamic and repeated evaluation of its conditions.
  • Removed nested tasks from the conditions – use <evaluate> condition instead.
  • Moved the <select> task and <for.each> and <exists> conditions to util package,
  • Reorganized all scripts to use a nested condition (like <evaluate>) and iterate on the results of an explicit selector.
  • Moved the attributes of <select> task and <for.each> and <exists> as attributes of selectors of different types. Introduced a Selector wrapping the standard resource collections, this way integrating ModelAnt with the ANT standard <fileset>, resources and other ResourceCollection type implementations.
  • Changed the syntax of <for> and <for.all> macros now receive a new nested <selector> element to describe the collection to iterate on.
  • Removed the extent, metamodel, path, property attributes, added “iterator” attribute to for.all and iterator.
  • Renamed <assign> task to <set>
  • Renamed “valueName” attributes of all tasks to “name”.
  • Included explicit run of all test cases as part of the build. Many minor changes and fixes. Improved the documentation both as a content and as a generation script.

NOTE: <iterate> task cannot be changed to use a nesred selector, becasue of ANT specifics. Changed the “name” attribute to “iterator” to conform with select, exists, for,…


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